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Coaching Inside and Out (CIAO) launched Coaching Impacts in September 2017. It is a one-year project (funded by the Oak Foundation) to increase knowledge and understanding about how coaching makes a difference and how we might all measure similar interventions.

As part of this, we are building a global map of organisations coaching people who are socially excluded for social and/or criminal justice. The mapping will create a community of interest with whom we can share our findings and strengthen coaching’s use.

Are you coaching people who are socially excluded?

By coaching we mean helping someone find their own way to change what they want, working to the following five principles:

  1. Coaches work as equals to help clients identify the best approach for them − clients know their own lives better than anyone else.
  2. Coaches work to an agenda, but this is set by the client.
  3. Coaches help clients move forward by asking questions, rather than answering them.
  4. Coaches give no advice nor any direction nor pass on requests – they reflect, but do not direct.
  5. Coaches challenge as well as support.

By socially excluded we mean that the clients are in one or more of these groups: convicted of offences or at risk of offending; homeless; long term unemployed; or affected by poverty, addiction or poor physical or mental health.

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